Slowly her eye’s opened to the stale smell of recycled air, a small orange glow coming from the cabinet in the far corner of the room that slowly pulsated temporarily lighting the entire room. Everything seemed peaceful not a sound to be heard, this aroused suspicion not even the drone of the docking motors could be heard.

Suddenly there was an almighty thud that echoed through the colossal structureContinue reading

Well here goes, my first gallery posting.

I’ve been wanting to get into photography for some years now and finally the opportunity arose for me to purchase a Digital SLR camera at a good price, so I jumped at it. Over the last couple of months I’ve been following tutorial after tutorial, refining my photoshop skills and taking stupid amounts of photo’s. In amongst these I have had some successful ish shots. These shots I’ve added into this post as a gallery for your perusal.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Some of these have already been posted to facebook but as they modify the images on upload they loose some clarity so the full versions are available here to browse.

Well now I’ve got pretty much got my new UK based webhost all up ‘n’ running, semi successfully transfered my sites and thanks to a well known auction site(eBay) a new domain name f9c.net (fine see) just for my personal blog/site. It’s now time for me to start working on my project site.

My main project being www.techrag.co.uk which is something i’ve been wanting to do for a long time. A site to help computer users and a reference for support staff. For those who have been to my blog previously you would have seen a post about this but under a different website adress(New Project – IdleWeb.eu), that domain has since expired as it wasn’t really fitting to the purpose of the site.

I am still looking for anyone out there wanting to help out with the site, so if your interested please contact me via the contact page.

So the radio in my car doesn’t work cause the arial is broken and there’s a Westlife album stuck in the CD player, so listening to music when travelling for 45mins to and from work is quite boring, when time is boring like this the mind tends to wonder on many things i the morning it’s fixed on sleep and wanting more and more of it, but on the way home in the evening you tend to think about lots of different things.

These things tend to be bits that I’ve picked up during the day in work from general chatter that has caught my attention,Continue reading