Ok so I still haven’t done a post about the photo-booth camera controller, well that project is done as far as I’m taking it so I’ll do a write up at some point maybe 😉

Anyway onto my next project, well this one is pretty useful for myself and well maybe for others too. Leaning towards to the home automation scene I’m looking at making a replacement Thermostat for the basic turn dial one we have stuck on the wall in the passage,Continue reading

Back in the early nineties I knew what I wanted to do upon leaving school and that was to work in the Electronics Design industry as a Design Engineer. I bought a book on getting started with electronics from Tandy (RadioShack for the Americans out there) which really got me excited, fast forward to 1996 and my last careers advice meeting with Careers Wales. They advised they had an opening for an Continue reading

Well got myself a nice shiny VPS from Rackburst and currently in the process of setting it up to run my websites.

As part of the VPS package you get additional remote storage which is setup via SSHFS, which is great as the data stored there doesn’t get deleted if you re-built your VPS however the downside to this is when you restart your server the storage isn’t re-mounted on boot given you need to provide your SSHFS account password.

After a quick search on my friend Google found a very useful post over on Dark Launch on a script to use at boot.

This is the full process I followed including adding the script for it to run at boot:
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